We Bring You The World’s Music

Disconic brings you  music from some of the top labels, publishers and, composers, songwriters and artists in the world, including the following from genres that include pop, electronic, dance, rock, traditional music and period music.

Our mission to help you discover and get the music you need for your projects quickly, accurately and on budget. And with access to more than two million tracks, chances are we can help you solve for music.

Below is a sampling of the companies and artists we represent:

Selected labels, companies and publishers:

  • Avex (Japan) 
  • Space Shower Records (Japan) 
  • Nippon Columbia (Japan)
  • Dreams Music (Japan)
  • Teichiku (Japan)  
  • Amuse (Japan) 
  • KSR Corp. (Japan)
  • SellBuy Music (Korea)
  • T-Series (India’s Biggest Label)
  • Times Music (India) 
  • Naxos (Worldwide)
  • Syn Music (US Agents)
  • BMG (representing for the Indian and East Asia markets)
  • Entertainment One (representing for the rest of world outside US) including the Death Row Records, Dualtone and Koch Catalogs.
  • Music World Entertainment (US Label/Publisher)
  • Merry Bright Music (Worldwide)

Selected Artists

  • Devo (re-recorded masters only)
  • Black Strobe
  • Ultrademon
  • Cassandra Kubinski
  • Steven Smith
And many, many more.  If you’re looking for great music, chances are we have it, and we can get it to you quickly, on time and on budget. We’ve done all the legwork for you and are here to help you solve for music. Contact us at info@disconic.com and we’ll help.