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  1. What is Disconic

The company works as a music licensing agency connecting the music it represents to licensors in media companies, brands, advertisers, film and TV studios, game developers, internet and mobile companies and in-store usage.

It is also the holding company that runs SyncSummit (https://syncsummit.com), a global conference series (NY/LA/Nashville, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, UK) that serves as a marketplace for the licensing of music for media, branded and advertising projects. The company has a 38K mailing list, 500K social media reach, podcast and blog.

The company uses its event series as a fulcrum to present the music it represents to the community of music licensors.

  1. Who does Disconic reach?

Since 2012, we’ve built a premier network – which is constantly refreshed through our conference series – of buyers of music – music supervisors, brand managers, ad agencies and others involved in licensing music for media.  This network is global and includes the top music supervisors, ad agencies and brands worldwide – we have contacts in Asia, North America, throughout Europe and in South America.

  1. Who does Disconic represent?

Disconic represents some of the world’s highest profile artists labels. Here’s a sampling:

  • YG Entertainment (South Korea) – Psy, CL, 2NE1 – label with many of SK’s top artists
  • Perfume (Japan) – one of Japan’s top three bands
  • Avex (Japanese label) – a label that controls 17% of the Japanese Market
  • JVC (Japanese label) – the home of some of Japan’s most iconic acts
  • Times Music (Indian Label) – one of India’s top labels
  • Melodiya (Russian Label) – Russia’s top record label
  • Som Livre (Brazil’s biggest independent label)

And many other smaller artists and labels from across the world.  This gives us a unique market position not only in terms of our ability to deliver music to projects in the US, but also to know what projects internationally need music from the USA.

  1. Who is our team?

Our team is comprised of music experts from across the world, including China, Japan (where we have a two-person office), the USA and Europe.  This global footprint allows us to quickly and successfully handle requests from music licensors.

  1. What is our business model?

It’s simple, we take a percentage of the master and/or publisher up-front fee from a license.  No backend royalty percentage.

For more, get in touch with us at info@disconic.com

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